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Fortnite's New Ranked System Has Arrived

Hello readers, before we move on to our news content, what is fortnite? We will answer the question.

Fortnite is a shooter game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. The game was published by Epic Games on July 25, 2017. Fortnite is a co-op quest game with up to four players. The game includes three different game modes: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale (survival) and Creative. The popularity of the game has grown tremendously after the survival mode was released in September 2017.

New Ranked System
Epic Games announced that the New Rating System has officially arrived in Fortnite. This game mode has been awaited for a really long time and it's finally coming true!
Rating Season Zero will begin with the conclusion of Episode 4 Season 3. But don't worry, it will be constantly updated and improved in the coming seasons.
With this new rating system, you will get a unique opportunity to test your skills and compete with your opponents. Get ready to prove yourself, because it's time to show your true mastery and leadership skills!

Fortnite's Ranked System Brings New Earnings

Fortnite's competitive Arena is obsolete, but don't worry, it's introducing a new way as a Ranked Play mode. This mode will provide you with the perfect opportunity to nurture and maintain the competitive spirit.

Season Zero will classify in eight different stages based on your performance. You will initially be placed at the Bronze level, and then you will level up to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion and Unreal. You will experience the excitement of reaching higher levels by ascending step by step.

Ranked Fortnite players will not only be able to increase their rank, but also have a chance to earn rewards by playing matches. You will also be able to receive cosmetic rewards with missions completed throughout the season. Those with a high enough seasonal rating will have the opportunity to participate in prestigious tournaments such as Icon Series Cups, one of the FNCS competitions organized by Epic Games.

We invite you to experience an even more exciting and competitive Fortnite with this new rating system. Don't miss this opportunity to prove yourself, improve your skills and pursue new achievements!

Fortnite Mobile is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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