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What is an Indie Game?

Indie games are games that are usually maintained and published by small teams. Indie games are often more diverse and creative than games produced by major game studios. These games are usually developed on a smaller budget and in a shorter time, and offer players a different gaming experience. Indie games often contain more diverse and creative content. These games often offer more original stories and mechanics than games offered by major game studios. Indie games' stories are often deeper and thought-provoking, forcing players to think more.

Indie games have an important place in the game world, they are managed by independent developers and they can come out after finding general guidelines. Here are 11 beautiful independent games that have made their debut recently!
•   Journey to Yomi
•   Hades
• death's door
•   without sight
•   Norco
•   Tunic
•   Weird West
•   Chicory: A Colorful Fairy Tale
•     sable
•   Lonely Mountains: Downhill
•   Omno
Indie games are usually small-scale games that stand out for their creative and original ownership. Such games as advisor of games not made by game defense. Indie games have the potential to bring more variety and innovation to game defense. These types of games feature different themes, narrative styles and game mechanics than games made by big baggage. In this way, players will not have a chance to discover different tastes and experience new gameplay.
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