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What Casual Games Mean?

Casual games are generally defined as easily accessible, short-term games. These types of games are usually played on desktop and mobile devices and offer entertainment that the player can play in a short time but need to play again to complete the next level. Examples include puzzle games, card games, and low-graphic platform games. Such games are generally non-competitive and are for entertainment purposes only, rather than aiming to develop the player's mental abilities.

Social casual games are games that people can play with their friends or with other players. Such games are usually played via social networking sites or mobile devices and allow them to play, compete or interact with fellow players or other players. Social casual games are not aimed at improving the mental skills of the user and are often absent as they are designed to make the gaming experience more fun and social. Examples are puzzle games, card games, and low-graphic platform games played on social networks.
The casual game genre has thousands of titles due to its extremely vague definition. Almost anything can be considered a casual game because it largely depends on the skill of the players and what is a casual game or not.
•   Bejeweled: This popular puzzle game aims the player to gain points by swapping paired pieces.
•   Solitare: This classic card game is played as a single player and the player aims to finish the cards by arranging them in a certain order.
•   Angry Birds: This popular mobile game aims the player to destroy structures that need to be demolished by throwing birds flying through the air.
•   Candy Crush: This puzzle game aims the player to gain points by swapping colored candies.
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