eTail Market User Agreement

User Agreement

Hereby agreement provides information about the terms of use of 's sales services. The customer and eTail Market have firmly agreed on the points listed below. The user is deemed to have accepted these provisions from the moment he enters the site.


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The parties in this user agreement have been determined as eTail Market and "Customer". eTail Market, Separaja tn 6, 15551 Talllinn, Estonia, Customer Support Phone: +372 8159 8929      will briefly be referred as "eTail Market" in this contract.

·         Customer: The institution or person that approves this user agreement before performing transactions on the eTail Market's sales page.

1) The "Customer" may purchase the products offered on the eTail Market site temporarily or permanently and use them on behalf of the natural or legal person or on his behalf. The customer can perform these transactions, with or without being a member of the site. Responsibility arising from unauthorized access to the site is specified on the "Privacy Policy" page.

2) "Customer" cannot share personal access information to the site with third parties for any reason or purpose. If the customer does this, eTail Market management will detect this transaction. In this case, the user's account may be suspended temporarily or permanently. In addition, all responsibility arising during these transactions belongs to the user.

3) The institution or person whose name is mentioned in the user registration information is responsible for all account transactions other than the user. In the event of unauthorized access, the customer cannot claim any rights against the eTail Market.

4) Unlawful access and unauthorized transactions may be subject to legal sanctions by legal authorities, at this point all responsibility belongs to the user.

5) From the moment the "customer" or user enters this site, he accepts all legal warnings and sanctions stated above and promises to abide by these conditions. All unauthorized parties and the relevant customer who illegally use the accounts of the site users are responsible to the eTail Market. Customers / users who permit and perform unauthorized and illegal transactions are not subject to any claims.

Time scope of user agreement:

1) The Hereby agreement is valid from the moment the customer or user enters the site. From the moment the customer or user enters the site, it is deemed to have read and approved this contract and the contract enters into force.

2) Hereby agreement is legally valid, binding and in force for the period the user benefits from the site.

3) The user is free to terminate the validity of this agreement and can notify this request in written form by mailing ([email protected]). In this case, the user will never enter the site again and have indicated their request to terminate the execution of the contract. In this case, eTail Market may terminate this contract without any payment liability.

4) eTail Market, on hereby agreement, has the right to make improvements, updates, additions. These changes do not have time limits and are not partial. All these transactions can be carried out continuously or periodically without giving any information to users/customers.



1) eTail Market will use the customer's mobile phone and e-mail address for notifications to the site users. In case this information is missing or the information is invalid on the site, the responsibility belongs to the customer.

2) The customer / user declares the accuracy and currency of the information to be given while registering on the site. The user / customer is responsible for all responsibilities and damages arising from the incomplete or incorrect information. In this case, the user / customer cannot claim any damages against eTail Market. The user is deemed to have accepted these provisions in advance from the moment they enter the site.

Services to be provided by eTail Market

eTail Market installs the required systems on the customer's own device during the application to the site, and after the customer's payment, eTail Market services are made available to the customer.

Payments and charges:

1) The customer accepts in advance the necessary charges for the services of eTail Market. All fees are collected in advance at the beginning of the usage period and payment information is automatically transmitted to the customer.

2) All payment transactions made on the eTail Market site are the responsibility of the user (customer) and the customer is deemed to have accepted this from the moment he enters the site.

3) The customer (user) is free to use the payment process he wishes. The obligations and requirements required by the payment method belong entirely to the user. eTail Market has the authority to charge the services used on the eTail Market site and to make any changes in this regard.

4) Credit card information received from the customer in transactions made with credit card / virtual pos is never stored on servers or companies that support The safety of the users is provided in this way at the highest level. eTail Market may request confirmation of the cardholder's identity information for the security of the cardholder and the payment transaction.

5) All payment transactions of the site users are made through the user computer through the interface. All services and responsibilities provided by eTail Market at this point are limited to the scope of this article.

6) The delivery time of all content provided to the users on the eTail Market site and the validity periods in the purchasing tools are created, edited, changed or completely removed when necessary. At this point, all authority belongs to eTail Market and cannot be questioned.

7) eTail Market notifies the customer of the product prices on the web page during the purchase and delivery through e-mail. eTail Market reserves the right to change the pricing. Changes in prices will be instantly presented to the user on the web site. As long as the customer purchases on, it is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract in advance.

8) The customer has the right to terminate this agreement and the products (subject to a specified period) purchased. The customer is obliged to notify the website management of the termination request as a written mail 7 days in advance for monthly subscriptions. For annual subscriptions, this period is determined as 18 days. In this case, automatic payment withdrawal will not be made from the credit card or customer account for the next period. If the customer has any debt to the eTail Market on the expiry date of the contract, this debt amount will be automatically collected from the customer's account at the end of the relevant period. After the customer cancels this contract, all records of the customer / user will be deleted from the eTail Market data at the end of the period determined by the eTail Market.

9) As long as this contract is in effect, the customer is responsible for keeping the credit card information provided to the eTail Market up to date. If the expiry date of the credit card changes, the customer should notify the eTail Market management of this change.

10) eTail Market will suspend or completely terminate all services that the user receives, if web site cannot receive payment from the credit card of the user. All responsibility in this matter belongs to the customer.

Other service responsibilities and customer obligations:

1) eTail Market will show maximum dedication to ensure the continuity of the services it offers to the customer. However, eTail Market does not guarantee the smoothness, uninterruptedness and security level of the services it offers and is not bound by a binding condition in this regard. The eTail Market is only responsible for the monetary value of the service / product for indirect or direct damages arising from the services to be provided under this contract. By purchasing a product / service, the customer accepts this article in advance and does not have the right to make additional claims about this.

2) Various problems may arise during the provision of games determined on the eTail Market site or other services associated with these games. In this case, it may be possible for the game accounts and the data in these accounts to be partially or completely, temporarily or permanently destroyed. Under these extraordinary conditions, eTail Market does not accept any responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any extraordinary problems experienced.

3) When resigning from the services offered by eTail Market, users are prohibited from advertising and creating unfair competition. In addition, users are prohibited from swearing, using slang words, racism, making statements about terrorism, the state, religion, republic and politics. Users cannot unilaterally make unfair statements or accusations about any legal or private person on the site. Users cannot harass other players and users. Users cannot commit acts to attack the spiritual memory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The site user cannot use eTail Market products, services and contents for insulting, threatening, blackmail, tort and abuse purposes. These contents cannot be mailed to others with the intention of harming people and cannot be harassed by using the eTail Market name or with the username within the site. Users cannot use eTail Market products and services in a way that is against human rights, racist, hateful, humiliating or malicious. The user is deemed to have accepted this article from the moment he enters the site. The user is fully responsible for all material / moral damages, personally or as a legal entity, against the law.

4) Users will be temporarily or permanently deprived of services by eTail Market in order to prevent damages in the above cases. All harmful / harmless content created by users will be presented / shared to the relevant institutions, if requested by the government institutions.

5) eTail Market is responsible for removing unlawful content from customer accounts or from the site as long as technical possibilities permit, and it is irresponsible to the account holder for changes made within the context of law. If requested by government institutions, all user information will be provided to the relevant institutions.

6) eTail Market is not legally responsible for the prohibition of the services provided by the eTail Market as per the laws of the region where the user lives.

7) The broadcasting and license rights of the games on the eTail Market site do not belong to the eTail Market, and access to these games is only available through the site. In this scope, the site does not have any responsibility and does not keep any records regarding the games. All responsibility and the right to keep information about the games belongs to the publisher. For this reason, all information requests made to the eTail Market by the state authorities regarding these games will be unanswered.

8) Records: Unless stated otherwise, eTail Market records will be valid for all transactions.

9) Customer right transfer: In case the customer benefits from the panel, the transfer of rights will be made to the customer. All responsibilities and sanctions arising from the transfer belong to the customer, eTail will not accept any responsibility after the transfer.

10) Termination of the contract: eTail Market may terminate this contract unilaterally and without giving any reason, by notifying the customer 7 days in advance. In case of unilateral termination, if there is any balance or prepayment in the customer's account, this amount will be returned to the customer within the period determined by the eTail Market. If termination occurs due to the customer's actions against the contract, eTail Market management will not make any payment to the customer and the customer cannot claim any rights due to this situation.

11) In Pre-Order games, the customer can request a refund within 7 days of placing the order. If the game code is not delivered to the customer, eTail Market is responsible for returning the payment. After this period, refund requests will not be accepted.

12) The entire service will be suspended temporarily or permanently as soon as the credit card collection for the services that the customer receives service is not realized. Unless the customer informs in writing 7 days in advance via e-mail, the fee withdrawn from the customer's card will not be refunded. The contract can be terminated with the e-mail notification made by the customer 7 days in advance. In this case, the customer's card will not be charged for the next period, and will be refunded if received.

13) Acceptance of eTail Market service terms: Once the customer services / products start using them, it is deemed to have accepted these terms and approved the contract.

14) Validity conditions of the online contract: Serious changes made in the contract will be notified to the customer via e-mail. As long as the customer continues to use the website, it is deemed to have accepted all updates, notices and legal liability.

15) Additional conditions and warnings: Responsibility for all products and services you purchase from another company through our site belongs to the other company, eTail Market does not accept any responsibility at this point. Therefore, the customer is obliged to read the contracts of the relevant company while purchasing services and products related to other platforms. Through our site, the customer can sign any other company / person's contract online or automatically accept all obligations. In this case, all responsibility belongs to the customer, site cannot be held responsible for this. Other companies from which the customer receives service are responsible for providing service and information to the customer and making the necessary warnings. In this context, eTail Market does not assume any responsibility.

16) The customer, together with the payment company, is responsible for all disruptions arising during payment services. Financial problems that may arise will be resolved between the payment company, the customer's bank and the customer. eTail Market does not accept any responsibility for any technical problems related to payment.

17) The customer must pay at the time of purchasing the product / service, pay taxes and cover other legal costs. If the customer is on the site as a seller, he is responsible for all costs incurred during the sale (tax, monthly fee, service fee) and must provide the necessary documents.

18) You can contact us at [email protected] e-mail address for any communication needs regarding our product, services or our company.

19) Governing law: These Terms are governed by Estonian Law. Any dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Estonian Courts.