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Valorant New Agent Gekko

A new agent is coming to Valorant, a game that has introduced itself to the world in a short time in PC games. A big innovation after the Lotus map was the new agent named Gekko. With this agent who came after Harbor, another new member has been added to the Team. In the universe where radiants and humans fight together, who will be the side that takes the radianite?

Gekko's Promotional Video

Gekko's real name is Matteo and he is a Spaniard. Also, our agent from Mexico seems to get on well with Reyna, who disdains non-randy agents. We can see this from the speech of Reyna and Gekko, which Riot shared recently. Gekko must be a powerful agent who is on good terms with Reyna.




Gekko Talent Features

Dizzy: Dizzy charges and then fires plasma blasts at enemies in sight. Enemies hit by his plasma are blinded.

Wingman: You will use the Wingman to search for enemies and send explosives on them.

Mosh Pit: You will throw Mosh like a grenade. After falling somewhere, it multiplies over a wide area and explodes after a short delay.

Thrash: Used to connect with Thrash's mind and manipulate him into enemy territory.

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