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What is Gotham Knight?

Gotham Knights game is a game developed by a big company such as Warner Bros and reached us through the publisher company of the same company, Interactive Entertainment. The genre of this game is known as action role-playing, it can be played in single player or multiplayer. The game was developed with the Unreal Engine 4 game engine. It can be played on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Gotham Knights' release date is October 21, 2022. In the game where we manage many characters, the superheroes Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood are fighting evil to restore justice in Gotham City. These heroes are also investigating the disappearance of Batman. Although Gotham Knights is criticized a lot, we can say that it is at a medium level for normal players and a little difficult for those who are not very good with games. On the other hand, the missions and battle animations in the game are not considered to have received very good reviews.

Gotham Knights Preliminary Information 

Players play the role of four superheroes, known as the former guardians of Gotham City. After the deaths of Police James Gordon and Batman, the crime rates in Gotham City increase. Thanks to a message recorded by Batman in ancient times, they decide to protect Gotham and continue Batman's legacy. Some other characters are named Brandon Tsai, Lucius Fox, Arturo Rodriguez, Jada Thompkins, Noor Rashid, Catherine Kane and Jacob Kane.
Batman is ambushed by Ra's al Ghul in Gotham City and is mortally wounded. In the face of this situation, Batman tries to defeat the character of Ra's, but he cannot do it. As a solution to this situation, he closes himself and Ra's character to the Batcave and detonates it, causing his and Ra's death. As Batman predicts what will happen after his death, he leaves a message to his students that Gotham City will be more disturbed by the underworld. In this situation, the four heroes come together to keep the order of the city alive. In the Bell Tower, which Batman left to his students, there are files of old investigations. In the face of this situation, the knights reactivate the old Bell Tower. The Knights use an ancient key to enter a secret mine located under Gotham. Here they find the substance Dionesium, which was used to create immortal super soldiers named Talons. With these soldiers, they prove that Court is trying to destroy Gotham. Later, the heroes infiltrate a party to find the head of the Court. They see that that person is Jacob Kane, known as Bruce Wayne's uncle, and things get complicated.

How to Play Gotham Knights

First, players must choose one of four superheroes. The Nightwing character has acrobatic abilities. He also specializes in fencing sticks and can do fast combos. Robin character is known as a privacy expert. He is very tactically advanced and wields the Japanese martial arts Bo Sword during combat. The Red Hood character uses muscle strength. This character, who is highly proficient in combat, is also a master marksman. Batgirl is a master hacker. Known as tough as a nail, this character fights ruthlessly on single targets. The game starts with the players choosing their characters. After that, continuing with the tutorial section, information about the character and the game is obtained. While it is possible to make combos with normal attacks during gameplay, powerful attacks can also be made by holding down the keys. We can also use tools such as the Batcycle to explore in the city. Gotham Knights game can also be played in two players. The second player can enter and exit the game at any time without affecting the other. It is known that in November 2022, a four-player game mode called Heroic Assault will be introduced. The control keys and functions of the computer version of Gotham Knights are listed below.

⦁ W, A, S and D = Movement
⦁ Space = Escape
⦁ Shift = Run fast
⦁ Ctrl = Crouch
⦁ Alt = Walk
⦁ Mouse Left Click = Attack
⦁ Mouse Right Click = Aim
⦁ Q = Auto-range attack without aiming
⦁ E = Interaction
⦁ F = throwing hook
⦁ Tab = Holder
⦁ X = Augmented reality
⦁ Z = Medication Set
⦁ R = Call Batcycle
⦁ 1, 2, 3, 4 = Momentum Abilities
⦁ M = Map
⦁ K = Case Files
⦁ H = Missions
⦁ G = Hardware
⦁ J = Abilities
⦁ B = database
⦁ L = Email
⦁ P = Pause menu
⦁ Enter = Chat
⦁ T = Push to Talk (Online)

Gotham Knights Map

WB Games Montreal says the map used in the game is the largest of Gotham video games. In addition, the developer company announced that Gotham Knights will be the most interactive and dynamic game ever made. As players can roam around five different parts of the city, they can be effective in real-time criminal activities as well as main quests. It was said that thanks to the Batcycle it will be easier to navigate the map, but each character will have their own way to expand their boundaries in the open world.

Gotham Knights Pricing

Gotham Knights game can be purchased and played on the Steam platform. Players need to create a Steam account to make the purchase. Gotham Knights game is currently 499.00 TL on the Steam platform. Players who want to buy Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition need to pay 699.00 TL.

Gotham Knights Age Limit

The genre of Gotham Knights game is known as action role-playing. There are various battle and fighting scenes in the game. For this reason, a certain age limit has been brought to the game. People aged 14 and over can play Gotham Knights.

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