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What is Steam Wallet Code?

What is a Steam Wallet Code?

Steam wallet code is the name given to the credits you can use to buy games, items or any item on Steam.


A Steam wallet code is an easy way, mostly preferred by those who can't buy a game directly on Steam. On the other hand, it is also very ideal for making gifts or sweepstakes. The Steam balance is received as a code and is processed into the wallet balance by logging into Steam.


What are Steam Wallet Code Prices?

Usually, there isn't a big difference between the wallet code and their standard price.

You can find the Steam Wallet Code Prices here!

How Many Digits Is the Steam Wallet Code?

The original Steam wallet code consists of 15 digits and has a sequence of 11111-22222-33333.


How to Use a Steam Wallet Code?

In order to use the Steam wallet code, you purchased, you must log in to the Steam application. In the Steam app, you must click the "Redeem a Steam Wallet Code or Gift Card" button and enter the code.


How to Redeem a Steam Wallet Code?

The Steam wallet code should be written on the page that opens after logging into the Steam application, clicking on your username in the upper right corner and then clicking on the "View my wallet" button.

What is a Steam Wallet?


Once you reach the “Add funds to your Steam wallet” page, you should click on the “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code or Gift Card” button on the right and you will reach the next page.

What is a Steam Wallet?


After reaching the page in the screenshot above, enter your code in the blank and click continue.

If you have entered your code without any problems, the confirmation screen will appear and your balance will be replenished.

How to Buy a Steam Wallet Code?

You can get Steam wallet codes from the following places.


  • Market chains
  • bookstores
  • Digital Code Selling Sites like eTail.Market


Is There an Age Limit to Buy a Steam Wallet Code?

There is no age limit to get a Steam wallet code. If you are under the age of 18 and do not have a credit card, you can securely pay with prepaid cards and get your wallet code.


What can be purchased with a Steam Wallet Code?

You can use Steam wallet codes for any spend on Steam.


For Example;

  • - New games can be purchased,
  • - The game can be gifted,
  • - In-game items can be purchased,
  • - It is possible to buy/sell on the Steam market.


Can You Cash Out a Steam Wallet Code?

The Steam wallet code cannot be cashed directly on Steam.


If you want to convert your balance to TL, you can buy the game at a discount to someone who is going to buy a new game on Steam and have them pay your bank account. In this way, you will convert your wallet balance to TL.

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