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What is Apex Coins?

Apex Coins is the currency used in the Apex Legends game. Thanks to this currency, various purchases can be made in the game.

What Can You Buy With Apex Coins?

In addition, Apex Coins are the most valuable currency in the game. In this way, many transactions in the game can be made thanks to Apex Coins. Some of the shopping that players who own Apex Coins can do are as follows;


  • - Having new characters,
  • - Unlock powerful characters in the game,
  • - Strengthening the characters,
  • - Buying equipment,
  • - Gaining items and similar equipment,
  • - Having loot and gift boxes,


What are Apex Coins' Benefits?

Apex Coins has many advantages over Apex Legends, the other currency in the game. These advantages are generally as follows;


  • - It can be bought with real money and thus it can be owned more easily,
  • - It is the most valuable currency in the game,
  • - Allows you to do all kinds of shopping in the game (unlocking characters, purchasing equipment and strengthening characters)
  • - Provides the opportunity to obtain Creating Metals materials,


How to Get Apex Coins?

Apex Coins, the most valuable currency in Apex Legends, can be purchased in many different ways. Apex Coins can be purchased with a credit card through the Store in the menus in the game. Apex Coins are purchased in-game in dollar currency. However, it is also possible to buy it by converting it to Turkish Lira. Apex Coins can be purchased with credit and debit cards.


Where to Buy Apex Coins?

There are many stores that players can choose from to buy Apex Coins. First of all, it is possible to buy Apex Coins from the store section in the game menu. Another reliable way to buy Apex Coins is to choose the eTail site. You can have as many Coins as you want with eTail, which allows you to buy Apex Coins for XBOX, PC, and PlayStation platforms.


Apex Legends - 2150 Apex Coins (PC Global)



Apex Legends - 6700 Apex Coins (PC Global)




What are Apex Coins Prices?

The prices of this currency used in the Apex Legends game vary according to the amount of coins to be purchased.


Follow this section to see eTail.Market prices and Buy Apex Coins!

Apex Coins can be sold on different platforms. There are many points that players should pay attention to before buying these coins with credit cards, debit cards and virtual cards. These are generally as follows;

  1. There must be a reliable site, it is possible to encounter the possibility of fraud when shopping on an unreliable website.
  2. When you get less than the amount of Coins you will need in the game, you may not be able to meet your needs and therefore you may have to buy coins again. Therefore, attention should be paid to the amount of Coins to be purchased.
  3. It should be noted for which game platform the Coins package is sold. (PS4, XBOX or PC)
  4. Pay attention to the prices of the package to be purchased.


Is There an Age Limit to Buy Apex Coins?

People aged 15 and over can purchase Apex Coins packs and include them in their accounts.


Do Apex Coins Get You Ahead in the Game?

With Apex Coins, players can level up by empowering themselves and fight their opponents more easily. Players who improve their heroes by purchasing Apex Coins can get ahead of their opponents.


How to Use Apex Coins?

You can add Apex Coinds packages that you will purchase from eTail.com.tr to your account in a short time. To activate the coins, the following steps should be followed;


  1. Buy Coins from a website or directly from EA,
  2. Then log in to your EA account and click on Product Activation
  3. Write the code in the box and activate it


What to Buy with Apex Coins?

With Apex Coins you can buy almost anything in the game. The products you can buy with these Coins packages in Apex Legends are as follows;

  • Unlock new heroes,
  • Equipment and items
  • Crafting Metals packs and skins
  • Strengthening the heroes


How to Make Apex Legends Crafting Metals?

There are 3 different currencies in Apex Legends. Crafting Metals is one of these currencies. Crafting Metals allows players to buy skins. Players who want to customize and strengthen their heroes must have Crafting Metals. There are two ways to get Crafting Metals. 


- One of them is collecting Crafting Metals by leveling up completely free of charge. 

- The other is to buy Apex Coins and then convert them to Crafting Metals.



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