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What is Google Play?

Google Play is a service developed by Google that is already installed on smartphones with the Android operating system. There are millions of applications, games, magazines, ebooks, music, movies, etc., in the Google Play store. You can access many programs and materials. In this digital store, you can download or buy applications, games, books, and magazines free of charge; You can watch movies and TV series by renting them.

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What Does Google Play Do?

Google Play is a must for an Android smartphone. With the programs it contains, you can make your phone more useful and download new applications, games, and many things. You can rent a movie or have fun with hundreds of thousands of free games to make your day more enjoyable. Are you having trouble choosing games or movies? Google Play has an algorithm that works based on the events and events you enjoy. "Exactly what I was looking for!" When you say so, it may appear ready for you to download. You can also decide by looking at the results of competitions organized by Google Play at the end of each year, such as the most downloaded applications, the most successful programs, and the most voted games. Google Play has a comment and vote option. Users rate the programs according to their quality and write words. You can choose to download programs with high ratings and generally positive reviews. Google Play is entirely free to download and use.

Who Made Google Play?

The Google Play Store is developed and supported by Google company, whose CEO is Sundar Pichai. The Play service, launched in 2008, has changed many directors and managers since its inception, but the CEO and producer of Google Play are Purnima Kochikar.

When Did Google Play Come Out?

Google Play, which Google first announced on August 28, 2008, was released under the name Android Market on October 23, 2008. Android Market was rebranded as Google Play on March 6, 2012, and continued to grow by expanding its service area.

How Many People Use Google Play?

Google Play comes pre-installed on all devices with the Android operating system. For this reason, no information is shared about the number of net downloads or the number of active users. According to data shared by Google, over 108 billion apps, games, or books were downloaded over Google Play services in 2020. Thus, Google Play Store became the most used digital store in the world.

How to Download Google Play?

Google Play comes pre-installed on devices with the Android operating system. Still, if you accidentally deleted the program from your phone, you can download it as an APK from the internet and start using it again. All you have to do for this is to type "Download Google Play APK" into Google and download it from the website you think is reliable. After downloading Google Play, you can log in with your Google account and use all Play services without problems. For your and your phone's safety, always download the updated Google Play version. Also, be sure to run a virus scan after downloading.

How to Use Google Play?

If you have not used Google Play before, you may have some problems with its use. To use the app, you must first have a Google account. Hotmail, Yandex, etc. It is not possible to access Google services with email addresses. After logging into Google Play, how can you start downloading from the most prosperous digital store in the world? Find the page of the category you are looking for by choosing between the Games, Applications, Movies, and Books tabs. Type the program you want to download in the search section and download the schedule published by the official publisher by clicking the "Install" button. You can find detailed information about the program you downloaded, other programs posted by the publisher, and comments on the application's page. If you like the application or have a complaint, you can write a comment in the comment section and share your opinion with everyone.

How to Cancel Google Play Payment?

After the 30 minutes for Google Play payments, the order can now be returned, not canceled; the following steps must be followed for this refund to be sent by the seller:

  1. You must sign in to "Google Payments."
  2. You must select the order for which you want to receive a refund.
  3. It would be best to press the Contact us button at the bottom of the receipt.
  4. From the "Subject" sub-tab, you must select "I want a refund or return the item."
  5. After entering the required details, click "Send an email."

What is Google Play Payment Cancellation?

Google Play gives users 30 minutes to cancel their payment and order. After this period, the cancellation will no longer be covered by Google Play but by the retailer you purchased from, which may mean long waiting times. Therefore, if you want to cancel an order, you should not exceed 30 minutes.

How To Uninstall Google Play?

Google Play services cannot be deleted directly on Android phones, but you can deactivate the services you do not use in Settings > My Apps. You can disable the service by going into the application settings you want to disable and removing all installed updates. However, we do not recommend this.

What is Google Play Services?

There are many services Google Play provides to users—these; Games, Books, Movies and Series, and device updates. Security updates are released monthly by Google Play to devices supported by Google. As a result, you are protected against hacking attacks, viruses,s and anything from unknown sources. You can directly access all the services Google Play provides, namely Games, Books, movies,s and Series, on the Play Store.

What is Google Play Games?

Google Play Games was first announced at the "Google I / O" conference held in 2013. Google Play Games; It is a service that contains details and functions about games, such as saving games to the cloud, achievements, and general leaderboards, and features such as saving profiles and friends in online games. It can work simultaneously with all games downloaded from the Google Play Store.

How Many Categories are There in the Google Play store?

In the Google Play Store Games category, it is possible to access hundreds of thousands of games in dozens of different types. Google Play Games categories are;

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Crossword
  • Trainer
  • Fun Trivia Games
  • Paper
  • Word
  • Classical
  • Casino Games
  • Adventure games
  • Table games
  • Music
  • Role Play
  • Simulation
  • Sport
  • Strategy games
  • Race

What is Google Play Books?

Google Play Books is an ebook distribution service. It contains millions of paid and free books, and Google users can upload or sell up to 1000 of their ebooks. It can be accessed via the Google Play Store. Google Play Books is available in 75 countries as of 2017. The Google Play Books service makes it possible to find books in 4 different categories. These; are eBooks, Audiobooks, Comics, and Children's Books. Each category can be divided into dozens of different types among themselves.

What is Google Play Movies?

Google Play Movies is a service with movies and TV shows that can be bought or rented. Google Play Movies & TV is available in 110 countries as of 201. Still, the series is only available in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. As with other Google Play services, movies are charged in local currency. You can access films and series in categories such as Family, Action, Adventure, Horror and Thriller, Drama, World Cinema, Comedy, Romance, Sports, and  Crime. You can also watch family educational movies for children by visiting the Family category.

What is Google Play News?

Google Play News lists newspapers and magazines that publish news for free or paid and provides a subscription. Launched in 2013, the service allows you to follow all news broadcasts, subscribe,e and follow the agenda you want by personalizing your homepage through a single application.

What is Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play gift card; It is frequently used by those who do not want to enter their card information in the Google Play store, whose credit card is closed to internet use, or who have any problems during the purchase. After purchasing a Google Play gift card, you can use the code provided by clicking the "Redeem" button in the Google Play Payments section. After activating the gift card, the balance you have purchased is credited to your account, and you can use the balance to buy any paid app.

What Does a Google Play Gift Card Do?

You can use the Google Play gift card if you have a problem with the purchase. Or, if you want to send Google Play Balance as a gift to your loved ones, you can use these cards. What does a Google Play gift card do? You can use it on any product purchased for a fee on the Google Play Store. You can buy games, movies,s or TV series, apps, and ebooks. You are entirely free to use your balance.

Where Can I Get a Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play gift cards can be purchased from physical stores or websites selling digital codes you trust. You can buy a Google Play gift card 100% securely and quickly via eTail.

How to Get Google Play Gift Card?

To purchase a Google Play gift card, first register or log in at eTail. Then visit the Google Play page and add one of the products to the cart.


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